Logo 2019 & Golden Ratio Grids

Logo portfolio using golden ratio grids

Some logos are designed for clients and some for sale and tutorials of my channel at youtube.com/dainogo. Thank you for watching!!!

I have worked with a wide range of clients across diverse industry sectors such as Business services, Club, Bar, Media, Food product, Environment ...

If you want to design logo for your business, please contact with me. I will make the logo you can be proud of.

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  • Clients Jaguar Nights, FireHost Media, ONatural, IHer ...
  • Location Around the world
  • Tags Logo portfolio, golden ratio grids, golden ratio logo, spiral, animal, ...
Bird logo design
Bird logo design & golden ratio
firehost media logo
firehost media logo using golden ratio
Jaguar Nights Logo - Eagle logo
Jaguar Nights Logo - Eagle logo & golden ratio
Onatural logo design
Onatural logo design using golden ratio
Lion logo design
Lion logo with golden ratio grids
Kangaroo logo design
Kangaroo logo design and golden ratio
Bear logo design & golden ratio
Bear logo golden ratio grids